Gill Athletics Mean Green Skypole

Gill Athletics Mean Green

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This is the Gill Athletics Mean Green Skypole. This pole vault pole is a great choice for pole vaulters for many reasons, many of which are elaborated on below. High school pole vaulters would be the ideal users of this pole.


This vaulting pole is about 13 feet and 1.5 inches in length (approximately 4 meters). Gill Athletics put a lot of effort into the design and manufacturing of their pole vault poles, and this Mean Green Skypole was no exception. For example, this pole has a double spiral wrap. In addition to that, the sail piece was lowered. These are features that will benefit the pole vaulter’s performance greatly. One way that they do this is by allowing the pole to bend easily. It is also able to “roll over” more smoothly. Having said all this, the pole is primarily designed for high school pole vaulters.


The pole is 13 feet and 1.5 inches, but it is available for a range of weights and tips. They are as follows:
#018 tip: 115 pounds, 120 pounds, 125 pounds, 130 pounds
#016 tip: 135 pounds, 140 pounds, 145 pounds, 150 pounds, 155 pounds
#013 tip: 160 pounds, 165 pounds, 170 pounds, 175 pounds
#010 tip: 180 pounds, 185 pounds, 190 pounds

This range of weights and tips provides quite a lot of variety to choose from. Finding a pole that suits your needs should be fairly easy to do.


The vaulting pole has the following dimensions: 160 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches, and it weighs about 11 pounds (approx. 4.98 kg). The Amazon Standard Identification Number for the pole is B000MB8630. For information regarding the shipping policies and shipping rates, please follow the link further above or below. There, you will also be able to find out about the product warranty.


The Gill Athletics Mean Green Skypole is a fantastic vaulting pole. This is why it is among the best sellers on Amazon’s top products. In conclusion, we would recommend buying this pole vault pole.


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Gill Athletics Mean Green Vaulting PoleGill Athletics Mean Green Vaulting PoleLength: 13 feet and 6 inches.

Multiple weights available: ranging from 120 pounds to 195 pounds.

For high school pole vaulters.

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