Pacer FX Pole Vault Pole

Pacer FX Pole Vault Pole

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The Pacer FX Pole Vault Pole is brought to you by one of the largest manufacturers of track and field equipment, Gill Athletics. It is a vaulting pole of high quality, as we elaborate on below.


The Pacer FX pole vault pole is 15 feet long (approximately 4.57 meters), and its weight specification is 175 pounds. It has a lot of similarities with the Carbon FX vaulting pole, especially with regard to the design and function of the pole. However, there is one difference: Pacer FX does not have the carbon fiber that Carbon FX does. The design that Pacer FX has is quite unique because it facilitates the timing between the vaulter and the pole to an optimal level.


Shortly after the introduction of this integration of FX technology to the Pacer pole, success was widely reported. In fact, it turned out to perform at a higher level than the poles that came before it. The Pacer FX vaulting pole is among very few poles that are designed in a way that provides functional power right when you need them at every stage of your vault. Both the Pacer FX and the Carbon FX have proven to produce results.


If you buy this Pacer FX pole, you can expect many benefits of owning it, including the following:

-The weight of the pole itself is quit light. In fact, Gill Athletics states that it is the “lightest carry weight of any fiberglass or carbon pole ever made.”

-The lengths and weights of the pole are designed and engineered in a very careful manner. This was accomplished through scientific testing so that the pole progressions are very accurate. All this means that this vaulting pole makes moving between poles easy and smooth for the pole vaulter.

-Gill Athletics spent two years working on the FX series poles. They tested and analyzed the poles, and one of the results of these efforts is how the vaulting poles roll to vertical more efficiently. The poles allow the vaulter better synchronization to the pole’s unbending in the later stages of the vault.


We would like to mention that this product does not ship to PO Boxes, FPO, or APO addresses. It does, however, deliver to street addresses. So make sure to fill in the shipping details appropriately. For more information on this, as well as on shipping rates, shipping policy, and product warranty, follow the link further above or below.


Hopefully we have been able to give you a brief sample of the quality of the Pacer FX pole vault pole. It is a highly recommended vaulting pole, so feel free to check it out!


Beer Pong Life - Amazon


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