Pacer Mystic Vault Pole

 Pacer Mystic Vault Pole

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This is the Pacer Mystic Vaulting Pole. It is a 10-foot pole with a weight designation of 110 pounds. This makes it perfect for smaller or lighter pole vaulters. This vaulting pole is a high performing pole, and it certainly deserves your consideration.


The shipping weight of the pole itself is about 5 pounds (approximately 2.2 kg). Please note that this pole can only be shipped within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. Unfortunately, international shipping is not an option for this item. For those in the U.S., if you select shipment via APO/FPO, make sure to contact the manufacturer to find out about support and warranty of the pole.


The Amazon Standard Identification Number for this item is B0069Q66WK, and the item model number is L10110. For customer reviews and customer ratings, please follow one of the two links on this page. In conclusion, the Pacer Mystic Vaulting Pole is a fantastic pole vault pole. This is why it is among the best selling items in Amazon’s best sellers. Check it out to see if it’s what you need.

Beer Pong Life - Amazon


Gill Athletics Mystic Vaulting Pole

Gill Athletics Mystic Vaulting PoleLength: 11 feet.

Available for multiple weights: ranging from 70 pounds to 150 pounds.

Vaulting pole for women.

Pacer Training Pole Vaulting Pole

Pacer Training Pole Vaulting Pole10 feet 9 inches - (70 - 90 pounds).

Ideal for beginner pole vaulters.

Gill Mystic Women Vaulting Pole

Gill Mystic Women Vaulting PoleLength: 10 feet.

Multiple weights available: 70 pounds, 90 pounds, 110 pounds and 130 pounds.