Pacer Pole Vault Poles

Pacer Pole Vault Poles

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These are the Pacer Pole Vault Poles. They are certainly something you should check out if you are looking for good pole vault poles. This is a high quality product, and we are about to let you know why that is.


There are two different types of this pole vault pole on offer. One of them is the 15 feet 6 inch – 145 pounds – pole. The second type of pole on offer is the 15 feet – 150 pounds – pole. You would select the one that suits your needs and physical stature the best. The price of the vaulting pole depends on the type of pole that you choose to buy. The 15 feet 6 inch (145 pounds) pole would cost more than the 15 feet (150 pound) pole, however, please click the link above or below to find out what the current (and accurate) price of the pole is.


Here are some more details about these Pacer Pole Vault Poles. They are made in the USA, which translates to rapid delivery within the US. They have a shipping weight of about 1 pound (make sure to look at the shipping rates and policies). Shipping outside of the US may not be a possibility (again, have a look at the shipping policies by clicking the link above or below). The Amazon Standard Identification Number is B0069Q0R1Q, and its item model number is PACER111.


Pacer Pole Vault Poles are great because they are designed in a way that takes into account function without compromising on beauty. The simple, yet elegant design of the pole adds to its appeal. It is no surprise that it is often among the best selling products on Amazon. Pacer does a fantastic job at creating high quality products, and we highly recommend it. So make sure to grab one and elevate your game!


Beer Pong Life - Amazon



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