Pacer Training Pole Vault Poles

Pacer Training Pole Vault Poles

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These Pacer Training Pole Vault Poles, just like the other Pacer vaulting poles, would make a great purchase when thinking about a pole vault pole to buy. The pole measures in at about 13 feet in length (which is approximately 3.96 metres). The test weight range is listed as 130 pounds to 150 pounds.


As the name of would suggest, this pole is mainly intended mainly for training purposes. So, as a result of this, beginner pole vaulters are the ideal users of this vaulting pole. Gill Athletics, the company that manufactures these poles designed the pole for beginners. If you are just getting started with pole vault, then consider buying this pole. It is very good for learning and training aspects of your game such as how to plant properly, as well as how to takeoff after a short run. These are very helpful improvements that can boost your performance.


Please keep in mind that this vaulting pole does not ship to any of the following: PO Boxes, FPO, or APO addresses. Instead of trying to get it shipped to one of these addresses, provide you street address. This is more likely to get the item delivered to you as you would expect. If you would like to have a look at the shipping information for this pole, make sure to click the link further above or below for shipping policies, rates, as well as for information about the product warranty. The Amazon Standard Identification Number for this pole vault pole is B0001F29AI.


Pacer Training Pole Vault Poles are certainly a great choice, especially for beginner pole vaulters, or for training sessions. A testament to their quality lies in this pole’s position among the best selling items on Amazon.


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Gill Athletics Mean Green Skypole

Gill Athletics Mean GreenLength: 13 feet and 1.5 inches.

Multiple weights: range from 115 pounds to 190 pounds.

It has a double spiral wrap and lowered sail piece.

Pacer Mystic Vaulting Pole


Pacer Mystic Vaulting Pole - Buy Pole Vault Poles12 feet - 120 pounds.

For female pole vaulters.

Smallest grip diameter possible, and sail piece.

Gill Mean Green Skypole

Gill Mean Green Skypole Vaulting PoleLength: 12 feet.

Multiple weights available: 100 pounds, 110 pounds, 120 pounds, 130 pounds, 140 pounds and 150 pounds.