Skypole Vaulting Pole

Skypole Pole Vault Pole

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This is the Skypole Vaulting Pole. This pole is produced by the highly renowned Gill Athletics. It is a 14-foot pole with a weight designation of 200 pounds, and it features the new S-Glass design. This design is what makes this the lightest carry weight Skypole ever. This vaulting pole is considered by many to be among the best high school pole vault poles. One of the reasons for this is the implementation of Gill Athletics’ patented double spiral wrap. Another useful feature is the lower sail piece position. These features enable the pole to bend easier and to “roll over” more smoothly. So if you are a high school pole vaulter, seriously consider this vaulting pole.


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Not only is this one of the best-selling pole vault poles on Amazon, it is among the best sellers in the Sports & Outdoors category. This is a testament to this vaulting pole's quality and popularity. Make sure to check it out below.

Beer Pong Life - Amazon


Pacer FX Pole Vault Pole


Pacer FX Pole Vault Pole15 feet - 175 pounds.

One of the lightest carry weight for poles.

Provides functional power.

Gill Mean Green Skypole Vaulting Pole

Gill Mean Green Skypole Vaulting PoleLength: 14 feet.

The weights available for this pole range from 120 pounds to 200 pounds.

Gill Athletics Pacer FX Vaulting Pole

Gill Athletics Pacer FX Vaulting PoleLength: 13 feet and 6 inches.

Multiple weights available: ranging from 120 pounds to 175 pounds.

Made from S-type fibreglass.